Silvia's lookbook

Postcard from Perth

Hello loves, sorry for the lack of post lately. I was in between work, side projects, fashion week and a mini break in Perth:) Happy busy. Most of the time.

Perth is 5 hours flight away and slightly hotter than Sydney. I was very proud to be a light packer and only brought 3 outfits/2 pairs of shoes for 4 days there.

Knowing we’d be spending most of the time on the beach, I packed a hassle-free playsuit for a day trip to Fremantle and Cottesloe Beach; a wrap dress for Rottnest Island and to see Quokkas; and a white lace off-should top with jeans for the rest of the trip in the city.

My NO.1 tip for packing (light) for long weekend/mini break is always bring versatile pieces like jeans/slippers/tops which can be paired/layered with other items in the luggage (depends on the weather).

Just to share a small selection of photos we took, hope your next holiday is beautiful and layback like this one.

Stay chic xx.

Playsuit from Shona Joy ( on sale here)

Slippers from Prada (similar here)

Bikini from Heidi Klum

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