Love Letter

My Dearest Louboutin


Dearest Louboutin,

Rose is red, Dipytque is spicy, so are my beloved Geo pumps.

Like all the greatest love stories, it was love at first sight. Happy anniversary to my beloved Louboutin, it’s been 5 years and still counting.

I remember all those nights we spent on the dance floor; that time we walked across the famous Shinjuku intersection to see the Hachikō Statue; those beautiful weddings we attended together as Maid of Honor; and that Valentine’s Day when I got heartbroken… In many life’s glorious moments and sleepless nights, you are always there with me.

I just couldn’t thank you enough. Let’s create more memories together.

xoxo, S

‘Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.’ – Marilyn Monroe

Christian Louboutin Geo Pumps


Shoes by Christian Louboubin

Candle by Diptyque 

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